I spend my weekends on side projects. These are some notable ones.


96% F1 Score - Land Cover Classification

European Conference of Machine Learning - PKDD

Benchmarks of various data formats

Benchmarks(time to load, save, size on disk & memory various data formats)

Featured - European Space Agency - Open Data Day

I was featured in European Space Agency - Open Data Day.

White Lane Lines Identification

White lane lines identification using Computer Vision

Behavioral Cloning - Simulation

We record the training data using the simulator and use a Convolutional Neural Network to train and predict.

Curved + Color Lane Detection

Detects lane curvature, multiple lane colors, and curved lanes, using Computer Vision.

Straight + White Lane Detection

Detects white and straight lanes on the road, using Computer Vision.


Few notable competitions

Jul 2017

4th(unranked) - Time Series Land Cover Classification Challenge.

European Conference of Machine Learning - PKDD

Jul 2017

Top 1% (6th out of 6000 participants)


  1. Detect the side at which the picture was taken by the camera. & 2.Customer segmentation in advertising industry.
Jun 2017

Top 1% (8th out of 4591 participants)


Classify successful crowdfunding campaigns.
Mar 2017

Top 1% (24th out of 3367 participants)


Classification of the Loan Defaulters.
Jul 2016

13th - Predict the thermal power required by Mars Express Power Satellite in the next martian year.

European Space Agency

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Region Masking on an Image using Pen & Paper

White Lane lines identification with RGB thresholds.

Top 1% in IndiaHacks Machine Learning Competition - Customer Segmentation

Land Cover Classification with 96% Accuracy.

Hack to find cheap Uber prices