Setup Apache Flink Single Node Cluster in Elementary OS

Setup Apache Flink Single Node Cluster in Elementary OS

Note: I followed all these steps in Elementary OS which is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. This should work in Ubuntu as well.

Download the Flink version that matches your Hadoop version. I will download Flink 0.9.0 for Hadoop 2.6 because I have Hadoop 2.6 setup in my machine.

The download location is here

1.Download flink

sudo wget

2.Extract the tgz file. Note: modify the flink file name to match the filename that you downloaded.

sudo tar xvzf flink-0.9.0-bin-hadoop26.tgz

This will extract the tgz file into a folder depending on the version that you downloaded.

3.Create a folder in /usr/local directory.

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/flink

The above command will create a folder called “flink” in /usr/local

4.Copy the flink extracted files to /usr/local/flink

cd flink-0.9.0-bin.hadoop26
sudo mv * /usr/local/flink/

4.Give user permission to the flink folder. In the below two commands, we are navigating to /usr/local folder and giving permission to “hduser” of the user group “hadoop”. Modify the user:usergroup if you want.

cd /usr/local
sudo chown hduser:hadoop flink

5.Add the flink paths in ~/.bashrc file. First open the .bashrc using an editor of your choise. Here I am using gedit.

sudo gedit ~/.bashrc

6.Add the following details in the .bashrc file at complete end of the file.


7.Execute the .bashrc file

source ~/.bashrc

8.Done, you can start using flink in your machine.